Holland 2014

The Lakeside boys are having a brilliant time in Holland, are Dutch friends are looking after us well

FC Lakeside Easter Tour

As many of you will know and indeed a lot of you are involved, FC Lakeside are currently piecing together our Easter visit to Holland. Our friends Oude Maas are also working hard at the moment to put on a great weekend together for us as usual. This football experience is very special to FC Lakeside and Oude Maas and a lot of time and effort go into our tour to make certain your son/daughter have an amazing football tour at quite simply some of the best facilities in Europe.

The point of this post, is to highlight that unfortunately we are 6/7 players down on our normal numbers. FC Lakeside would like to ask you as managers/coaches and parents to please think about any players who may not be directly involved with our club but would like to benefit from this great trip. Maybe school friends of your son/daughter or cousins etc.

To add to this, we can also now ask if we have any FC Lakeside U11’s who would like the chance to go. This will not stop them from being involved next year.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Our tour is very important to FC Lakeside.

Rob Griffiths