Child Welfare

Child Welfare Officer: Tina Sawle

At FC Lakeside we first and foremost want to make sure the children are looked after in the correct manner. The FA have many guidelines that we adhere to and they can be found at the following web page:

One of the guidelines is for us to have a child welfare officer. All leagues and clubs with youth teams must have a named Welfare Officer who has an enhanced FA CRB certificate and has completed the FA Safeguarding Children and the FA Welfare Officers Workshop.

The child welfare officer for FC Lakeside is Tina Sawle and if you need to contact her you can email her at or call her on: 07790 610390

What does a Welfare Officer do?

Welfare Officers have two key roles:

• Be informed and aware of the league or club’s responsibilities when running football activities for children and young people. For example:

* ensuring these responsibilities are well understood by others

* developing best practice processes.

• Helping league and club personnel understand their ‘duty of care’ towards children and young people. For example:

* ensuring all relevant people complete The FA’s ‘Safeguarding Children’ training programme

* helping to make sure trips away are organised properly

* managing the roll out of FA CRB checks.

Safeguarding – Play Your Part



Please ensure that you are aware of the specific helpline The FA has commissioned the NSPCC to set up to help encourage more people to come forward. The number is 0800 023 2642.