Managers and Coaches Code of Conduct

All managers have read and agreed to follow these rules.

  • The manager’s first priority is to the players, it is his/her responsibility to care for his/her team.
  • If any player should get injured you will follow the correct procedures that you have learnt when passing your level 1 coaching course.
  • It is the manager’s responsibility to control themselves and have no confrontation with any players, opposition coaching staff, supporters or league officials. YOU lead by example.
  • All managers for home games should put out either Respect Barriers or cones for the supporters to stand behind, in accordance with FA guidelines.
  • Make sure that each player is wearing the correct kit, i.e. shirt, shorts, socks, shin pads, correct footwear, removal of any jewellery.
  • Do NOT make a child do anything that they do not want to do. Do NOT over work a child. You need to think of the child before the game.
  • It is essential that you encourage children whenever possible and you do NOT shout at them if they make a mistake. You are there to help the children in any way that you can and to encourage and support them.
  • FC Lakeside do NOT condone any unacceptable behaviour from players and you must remind them of this whenever needed.
  • You need to give as much notice as possible if there are any cancellations or changes to training or match days.
  • You will report any problems during training or match days so that the Lakeside committee can take the necessary action; this applies to your players, league officials and any of the opposition players, coaches or supporters.
  • Unless you have your level 1 coaching badge in place you will not be able to run a league team at FC Lakeside.
  • The manager understands that all equipment and kit is the property of FC Lakeside.
  • All coaches will be interviewed by the Lakeside committee before coaching any FC Lakeside team.

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