Parents/Guardians Code of Conduct

You must read and agree to this code of conduct in order for your child to be a member of FC Lakeside. Once you have read and agreed to the following, you must sign the statement saying that you have done this.

  • First and foremost your child is at FC Lakeside to learn from our coaches and to enjoy playing football.
  • You must stand behind the respect barriers or coned area at all times.
  • You will NOT make any comments that are negative towards any of your or opponents players, coaches, league officials or supporters. Foul and abusive language is not tolerated at any time.
  • You can make positive comments and support the players when appropriate.
  • It is important at FC Lakeside we impress on the players that it is not all about winning. If you win or lose we still expect that you show your opponents respect. We do expect a high level of sportsmanship at all levels of football.
  • You will not shout at your or anyone else’s child for any reason. You are there to support your team and be sporting to the opposition where appropriate.
  • FC Lakeside is run by volunteers so please offer to help our coaches in any way that you can i.e. collecting match fees, putting up or taking down nets/goals, running the line.
  • Your child’s coach is teaching your child voluntarily so please respect the time and effort that they put in to running your child’s team and do not try to help the coach pick the team, unless asked.
  • If you have any problems with anyone at the club you can either speak to them directly or seek help from a club official if you need to. We are here to help you wherever possible. For any child protection issues you contact the welfare officer directly.
  • Make sure that any paperwork or payments are made on time, this is very important to the running of the club.
  • We would encourage you to visit the F.A. respect website and watch the F.A Respect video.

Download form Parent, Guardian and Spectators Code of Conduct 2017