To all our members, sponsors, players, parents, family and friends of FC Lakeside. Firstly, let me start by wishing everyone well in these unprecedented times. Our lives have changed significantly and I’m hopeful that we are a stronger community for it.

When the virus hit our family and friends became our new focus, and staying safe over lockdown soon became the new norm.
Sports, and indeed for us our love of football, were put on hold and rightly so.

We felt, as a club, extremely sorry for those not able to complete the football season, especially as we had multiple teams aiming for league title’s and cup glory. There was also disappointment for those unable to go on our club tour to sv Poortugaal, in Holland. However, this all paled into insignificance and life became far more important as we all know, and rightly so.

Thank you to all of our managers, coaches, players and families for your understanding shown throughout. I am aware of the fact, that within our club, we have some very special people who have been, and continue to be, front line staff throughout this pandemic.

To all of our key workers, from NHS staff, teachers, supermarket employees, police, and the many more individuals working throughout, we thank you very much on behalf of all of us at FC Lakeside. You are amazing people.

We are now entering into another phase during Covid. With the curve hopefully behind us and the “R” seemingly under 1, our lives can gradually return to a form of normality. Schools, shops and many workplaces are back to leading the way under government guidelines and returning to a limited, however manageable, way of life. In turn we see a return to sport, and more importantly for us Football.
We are pleased to say that through our governing bodies, the FA and more locally the GFA, we have been able to announce a “return to coaching” for our club.

All ages, throughout the club, are now welcome to start back with coaching sessions.

Please see attached below the FA link that will allow you to study the guidance in more detail, should you wish.

FA Guidance here

FC Lakeside have been monitoring and adapting to the developing guidance received, and can announce that we feel we have been diligent in our approach, and thorough in our preparation to return safely to coaching football.

We are very much aware that this is an optional return to football and we are by no means putting anyone under any pressure to resume if they feel its too soon.

Some coaches and indeed players will be looking to start with immediate effect, however some will not.

We completely understand this and FC Lakeside will work closely together, to work with all age groups to ensure you are comfortable during this gradual return to football.

Parents and Guardians should be reminded that you can approach the club, directly on a personable level, at any time.
We are here for you, either through your mangers, or via our club Child Welfare officer, or indeed any of our club officials.
FC Lakeside are holding a virtual Zoom meeting, Monday 15th June, with all the club’s managers and coaches.
This will look to set out and reinforce the guidelines and explain the steps that have been taken to enable a clear application of these guidelines. We will also be emphasising the continued support, from the club, to assist the managers and coaches in the implementation of the measures needed to work safely with our players.

At this point, its is worth noting that we have absolutely no news, or confirmation, of the new season 20/21 starting, if at all.
I am sure we all respect this is going to be a slow, but safe, return to football and indeed life in general.

We would like to wish all of our players who are returning to schools this week, good luck and enjoy. Use all of the safety measures, that the schools will have taken. Social distancing and hygiene still remain the highest priority.
Those who are returning to coaching sessions at our new club facility at Cold Pool Lane, Up Hatherely, will also experience the same measures we have put in place, under all guidelines and governance available to us.

Finally, thank you for taking the time to read this update. Once again, please feel free to contact FC Lakeside directly, if you should have any further questions, concerns or indeed any constructive criticism and help you may have to offer. FC Lakeside are proud to be a friendly family club of many years, since 1975, who look out for each other and all of our members, and we will continue to do so.

Good luck to all, I look forward to seeing many of you in the weeks ahead,

Rob Griffiths
FC Lakeside
Club Contact:
07814 708556

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